You Were Dealt (Kd,Kc)
wuffman1 raised to 80
Tahoeldem2 folds
dangoodwin calls 80
ujustgotfeltd7 folds
PokerPoned raised to 320
brkwng77 calls 320
VisionPlay folds
MrHeisenberg0 folds
damrin has been seated
wuffman1 has been given a time extension
wuffman1 folds
dangoodwin calls 320
Dealing Flop (Qd,Jd,Td)
dangoodwin is All In
PokerPoned is All In
brkwng77 calls 2310
dangoodwin shows (8d,Ad)
PokerPoned shows (Kd,Kc)
brkwng77 shows (9h,Kh)
Dealing Turn (9d)
Dealing River (4h)
PokerPoned wins 5600 from pot 1 with King High Straight Flush
dangoodwin wins 1600 from pot 2 with Queen High Straight Flush