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    Thumbs up 2 FT's at Poker4Green 02-16-11

    Well... back from my Ohio trip and jumped in P4G but knowing I was going to have to leave to go to dinner. Left in 3rd spot with 8 left and came back and saw where I ended up.

    Congratulations datsme53DMS,

    Out of 93 players in Tournament 9478686 (Poker4Green - Good Night Freeroll), you came in 5th and have won $2.65.

    Last hand was my A,6 to his 10,8 off..he got 2 8's on the flop!

    Congratulations datsme53DMS,

    Out of 90 players in Tournament 9480932 (Poker4Green - Good Night Freeroll), you came in 3rd and have won $5.00.

    Kind Regards,
    Poker4green Support

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    that site is a great wayb to get a bankroll going
    keep up the good work

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