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    1$/2$ No limit at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi!

    ok ok... so im playing 1/2 at the beau... .. only bought in for 100 but quickly almost doubled up when i flopped a set. .... so i was playing good... at first.
    the hand that i want to talk about i had K/10 diamonds... limped in 3 ppl in pot.... flop comes 10s 7d 6d the guy under the gun pushes for like over 300... then the guy to my right calls.... so i was like... hmm top pair plus k high flush draw..... "F%#% it!" im all in too..... so the next card comes... turn card.. blank(nothing for me).... river card... 10 clubs... I get up WOOOO YEAAA WOOO!! My friend was also on the side sayin YEA man cause i was down at the time but this hand woulda put me up 600. so as im cheering the asian guy to me left says "Hey!, he got Full House!!!" refering to the guy to my right... Im Like %### . GG guys and took the long walk of shame out the casino doors.... lesson learned.. it was a donkey call... .. another lesson.... DONT CELEBRATE UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN EVERYONE HANDS IF U DONT HAVE THE NUTS!! AHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAH

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    Sorry to hear man... you had a decent shot at a flush, but in live play... well you know the answer to that... Better luck next time.
    Patience is a virtue!

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    If it were me playing in that table I would fold K10 even thought you got flush draw don't like to gambling like that. when 2 people already all in since I know neither of them will have flop trips or get two pairs.
    So having just a pair would not be enough.
    Don't worry I have experiences that before.
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