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    Why are so many bad beats?

    I ask me ever day more and more, why are so many bad beats at full tilt and other poker sites, actually i take my real poker cards and test it out it is in real too so.
    Sometimes i dont know wich hole cards i can play at online poker, because when you got to aa anysbode gets kk and the flop is kka, so and now.....hahaha
    i run in so many bad beats, that not normal!

    thank you
    and gl
    we will see us

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    haha happens to all of us dont think its just you because i have had plent happen to me sometimes 1 outers hit on me

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    there aren't such things as bad beats,these things are called bad decisions,I discovered that if you study your playing style you can get a lot of bad decisions out of your style...
    If your iq reaches should sell...

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    People always remember when they lose with AA but how many times have you beaten AA with worse hand. It evens out. And if u get your money in while your ahead constantly you'll win in the long run

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