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Thread: What's needed?

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    What's needed?

    From the front page:

    Trying to figure out what to add here. What does PO need?

    More Poker? If so from where and what?

    Fantasy Sports? (I do have something fun coming in about 1-2 months, the quick play API finally ready)

    Straight sports betting? This could take awhile but we could rebrand to this.

    All would be legal because you don't deposit.

    Rebrand to sportsowned?
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    we def need more poker and sports thats good also instead of just a btc ticker how bout a crypto calculator that works like this DOGETools Value Calculator — Calculate the Value of DOGE but instead of different currencies it be dif cryptos im pretty sure if u wanna go back to cross promoting with poker sites i could probly get shibepoker ,swcpoker, and 64spades all to do freerolls exc. promo tournys like u use to do....

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    Def. more poker, higher stakes tournament. Sports betting would be good for site, but poof might bankrupt site.

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    I agree with magic and lethal definitely more poker because the only client game we have right now has really been dying I noticed there's only been two to four people playing usually now..... So like magic said we could definitely use more better poker there's all kinds of new poker sites popping up that are only cryptocurrency poker sites but IDK what sites you would like to have games on though is it still not legal for you to have any private freerolls on ACR ? just asking because I see different poker forums adding games there all the time so was just wondering now

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    More poker for sure.

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    More Drywall Donk playing poker please.

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    Thanks for the post, i was thinking about posting something similar a while back.
    I think PO needs a combination of those things to be successful in the long run.
    The reason for this is to attract many different users who have different interests
    Ex. DFS, poker, sports, betting, cryptocurrency, crowdsurfing etc.
    PO definitely needs more poker added back to the site as well. The site took a hit when the poker left. I know the market is challenging atm, but I feel like there is a way. Maybe use global poker idea that every hand is its own sweepstakes?
    I personally would like DFS added to the site because DFS is growing overall in the general market. It may be exclusive to certain states, too.
    I think there also should be similar contests to some of ones I have made and lethal has made as well. Such as Bracket challenges, MLB pools, NBA and NFL pools, etc Free rolls or other contests can attract new users and help maintain our older loyal members.
    I do agree If you choose to go this route that you should change the name and rebrand to sportsowned, because there will be more than poker that is included. I believe this is the right move and will potentially attract more users to the site.
    Another hypothetical idea that I had was PO creating its own crypto like pokerowned coin or sportsownedcoin that could be traded on this site or other trading sites.
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    I say hire Lethal to set up tournies w/ other sites if your time is limited.

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    I wouldn't rebrand the site as "SportsOwned" only because of the long history as PokerOwned, however I would consider a domain purchase (If available) for additional keyword/search engine recognition for the site. It could help with attracting new members should your internet rankings go up. SEO will improve greatly too.

    I also think more poker would be great to see on the home page. Here are some other suggestions:

    - Daily tasks for points or tourney entries? (such as forum posts, mini polls, consecutive daily/weekly logins and/or posts, etc.) This could help by boosting search engine rankings and increasing overall site productivity.

    - Use the space as advertising space for related sites/blogs/services/products. (This may help with operating costs/revenue and also offering more to members, thus making the site more valuable.

    - You can also consider adding a link or image/link to an odds calculator or various poker guides.

    Hopefully these ideas help expand any direction you choose to go.

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    More poker we need.

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