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    using prepaid CC for offers

    hey guys this needs to stop. i have been guilty of it also. what most of you dont realize is when you use a prepaid card to do some of these offers some of them credit, but when they try to get the money from your card zab gets back charged. meaning he loses money. im pretty sure he is not gonna stand for this. most likely you will get the points taken from your account.

    not trying to sound like a dickhead or act innocent. it just needs to stop. using a prepaid for a free trial is ok. just cancel your trial and you are good to go. just use your brains when doing offers. im adding offers daily and trying to get you guys plenty of opportunity for points. just be patient and do what the offer requires. thx guys

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    Doesn't it say not to cancel during a free trail as the points you make will be taken away?

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    i did notice there were quite a bit more CC offers available this go round.

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    I never even attempted to use a pre paid card for any offers, but thanks for the heads up!

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    Well I have been guilty of this very thing and I will stop immediately...I didn't know that Zab got left holding the short end of the stick...
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    I do it all the time and will continue to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snklzona View Post
    Well I have been guilty of this very thing and I will stop immediately...I didn't know that Zab got left holding the stick...
    Always good to know.. wonder if thats even with cards with money on it to cover costs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimebags7 View Post
    haha sorry tommy but this is a joke. if its a problem, it would have been put to stop already. i dont use a pre paid but
    It is not a joke, it is basically fraud against PO and the offerwall. If someone uses an empty card to make a purchase, when the seller processes the payment, and the funds are not there, it gets charged back. That comes out of Zabs pocket (then the member's when possible). This hurts all of PO. And since usually this process (the time from offer completion to seller requesting actual fund) can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks to a month, its virtually impossible to stop.

    Hope this helps shed some light on the issue.
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    we are just trying to help everyone on the site. im guilty of it also people. im not perfect but im trying to look out for everyone here now as much as i can.

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    Using prepaid cards can and will results in failure of getting your points AND a chargeback at a later date (I'll deduct the points from you)
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