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    Upgrades underway, should be live in the next 24 hours

    - update poker software to the newest version (Various bug fixes)

    - people want to also see how many points you have earned lifetime (We have this on loan shark)

    - Grinder Challenge - PokerOwned Forums we aren?t running any lock tournaments right now (Could be again someday though). Make it so 27 points is needed to win

    - Fix pokerowned madness to include and fill up with users, change it to 1 event per day needed. What I mean by this.. it?s not filling up each week. So here are some changes we need to make
    1. You can buy in directly like we do now for 50 points (Instead of 100). This guarantees you a spot and 100% of any prize you win
    2. Whatever spots are NOT filled, we automatically fill them the same way we fill speedway (Whoever played in the most tournaments) If you are auto entered, you can only win max 25% of the prize you win
    3. Key changes here: If you wind up WINNING any of the prize pool and you got automatically entered, you only get 25% of the prize. The other 75% goes to help seed the prize pool next week
    4. If you bought in with 50 points and you won any points, then you keep 100% of the prize you were supposed to win
    5. Change the restrictions from 2 tournaments per day to 1 tournament (Right now, if you only played 1 and someone else played 2, then the other person would win). Only 1 tournament is all you need each day.
    6. This is more of a progressive prize pool now, whatever left over points from the previous week is added to the prize pool for next week
    7. Take a small % from Grinder challenge progressive prize pool and B2B (Lower those a TOUCH) and then add to this progressive prize pool
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    Zab is the best!! thanks for quick redeems and making this site so worth it. All for free and i can play poker for real money..

    cannot get any better then this..

    You are a legend!!

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    Awe dang i had 27 points 2 days ago

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    sounds like a good plan to me +1000000000

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    awesome thanks for upgrades gl grinders this is mine, again
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    firstly loan shark doesnt have that feature it just has last two weeks....if you wanna add lifetime points earnt to loanshark feel free it wouldnt hurt

    secondly i dont think lowering the buy in amount is a good idea but the rest of it will work well
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    sounds good!! always room for improvement!!! keep up the good work!! thanks!!

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    Sounds great to me, keep up the good work Zab!!

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    It will be good to get involved with PO Madness again. I always liked it but have had trouble committing to 2 per day of late.

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    This is good news. Will be able now to participate in the madness promo

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