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    Upgrade Idea : Bad Beat Jackpot Client

    Was wondering if the mods, and the PO community would enjoy a feature like that ?

    Maybe double the current Clients rake ( or add 50% or something ) and put that towards a Bad Beat Jackpot for client. Losing with Quad's or better ( Using both cards in your hand ) would set it off, and send something like 75% of the points to the loser of the hand, and 25% to the winner ?

    That is of course, if Client has some way of keeping track of hands...

    Them kind of hands are damn rare, so that Jackpot could quickly escalate to MAJOR points !!!

    And, it could possibly increase the client's traffic.

    Anyhow, that was my .02$ for today
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    Hard to keep track of.. I'd like to do it automatically
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    The other question is would it only count in holdem? I'd guess that 75% of the client action is Omaha.

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    i think is a very good idea. Would bring more traffic and make it more fun

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    Bad Beat Jackpot would be great but I would like to see a rakeback program implemented first. Not that I would complain if a BBJ was put into place for NLHE tables but rakeback would be real nice....

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    I think that would b cool to have that upgrade. That or the rakeback that stack just said. Wouldn't taking a screen shot like you do now to claim quads and get your pts work for claiming BBJ?

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