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    Thursday July 12th $25 PLO Tournament Free to Loyalty Members

    This is 100% free (now pay attention) to all those users who are signed up in our discount loyalty program.

    What does that mean? You would have had to use our sign up link when you created your account.

    Can you still play? Yes! Sign up at one of the following sites and you can enter USING OUR LINK:

    Carbon Poker
    PDC Poker
    Aced Poker

    Note: Make sure to get your account name changed over so it doesn't interfere with any LLBs or anything else. As we run more and more of these, it would be wise to use just 1 account!!
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    Thank you Zab i'll be playing

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    Should be fun, hope you feel up to playing Zab!

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    Too boring that you don't make PLO public too :P
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    thx zab a PLO is more fun then a horse tourny.hope to play in it cause it will start at 4 am my time.

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