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    Stepping down as mod

    I stepped down as mod today. I'm not making this to announce that as much as I am to say how disappointing it is to see this site more dead then before the changes that took place. It seemed like for the first 2 months of the new survey walls this site was going to get on par with the other tasking sites and had the potential to add its own thing with the gambling aspect. I'm stepping down right before I usually get my mod pay because I don't want to accept money (if I was even getting it this month) when the free roll that is promoted has not even been played for last month winners. I will not help run a site that does not go through with promotions that are posted(this is not only reason im done but since it has not been addressed I feel like it should be brought up). Anyways I will still be here and hope everything gets back on track and the promotions start to get honored. As a now long time member I still want to see this site grow I just wont be apart of it as a mod.

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    I can accept his pay

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    gj trog dedication and hope is all we can do. if there isn't constant upgrading and tweeking of things on a daily bases and dedication on the part of ownership it wont go no where u need to advertise cross promote exc. we use to do a great job cross promoting poker sites and in return running pokerowned tournys on pokersites gets more people to come here... on another note I'm not a survey guy but to me some expectations and non payment on a lot of surveys is reasons people don't do surveys as much any more sometimes answering 20 questions before they tell u sorry you don't qualify lol but anyway trog u did a just fine job as mod everyone has difference of opinions and I think you did good job of interjecting your opinions without abusing your mod powers which is over looked sometimes gj ty for your efforts trog...

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