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View Poll Results: Remove Kill The Sneaks Promotion?

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  • Yes!! Get rid of it, add points to other prize pools.

    11 64.71%
  • NO!! I love it, keep it!!

    6 35.29%
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    Remove Kill the Sneaks Promotion?

    Some thoughts on this.

    People get really pissed sometimes when they see how many sneaks are in each tournament. This promotion also sometimes encourages people to sneak. They like playing the villain.

    Kill the sneaks was supposed to be fun, but seems like its more upsetting sometimes.

    So should we remove it completely and add those points to other prize pools like B2B and some new promotions I am cooking up?

    Weigh in.
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    I voted to keep it, but it is a good point that if we do not have the promotion, then those who get all worked up over them won't have it in their face.

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    Here is the thing it is not like it really need extra incentive to kill them. Everyone is pissed that they get in and will go for them anyway. Maybe just add a bounty on their head for who ever takes them out instead of the group concept. I don't know just my 2 cents and I would like some change please.

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    i say keep it ,thier will always be sneaks,the bountys give us more incentive to get them out
    win if yu can but always play fair

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    I like the kiil the sneaks promotion so I would like to see it stay I have voted for it too stay thanks

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    points you win are so minimal Id rather see the culmination of points that gets divided among the players go into another incentive with fewer players collecting on it.

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    i think the points are so minimal we get,, that prolly better to put them to more use in any new promos maybe u think of,, altho i think it is a good thing to seee who the sneaks are listed,, just we know who they are in that game then maybe put a bounty on them is all tooo

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    I kind of like Flyby's idea of turning Kill the Sneaks into a bounty. It doesn't have to be a 100 point bounty like the normal bounties that are set up, maybe 25 or 50 on each Sneak.

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    I voted to get rid of it and replace it with some new promotions. People already want to eliminate sneaks really badly, no reason to give them any more incentive by adding a promo to it, imo.

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    or if there is a way of keeping track of how many times a legit player has knocked out a sneak, then after you reach a certain number of kills, you get a reward. Say ,maybe after you personally reach 5 kills, you get a reward of certain amount of points. Then once you reach 5 personal kills you are then reset to zero.

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