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    Quick Play Beta Test

    I am ready for you guys to start testing "Quick Play" and give me your feedback.


    - Give me your feedback
    - Let me know about any bugs
    - Don't create contests more than a few points for now, we are just testing
    - Let me know if you would change anything (Design or anything)

    What is quick play?

    Quick play is essentially Fantasy Sports. Player A vs Player B. Who will score more FANTASY points today

    What if 1 player typically scores more points than the other player?

    There's a HANDICAP for each contest to make sure the odds are as close to 50% as possible

    How do you figure out the handicap?

    We use a pretty sophisticated algorithm from a daily fantasy sports site we have run for several years.

    What if the player I pick does not play?

    If EITHER player does not play, the contest is voided.

    What if someone does not take the other player?

    If someone doesn't take a PLAYER created contest, the contest is cancelled.
    If an ADMIN creates a contest and no one takes the other side, the admin will automatically take it.

    Does it show live scoring?

    Yes, it's something we're adding or should be there now!

    How come it doesn't show all the players for tonight's games yet?

    We want to make sure the contests RUN, so we wait until we know who's in the starting lineups. The closer you get to game time, the more players will populate the options you can choose from. You will typically notice PItchers are in there SUPER early.

    This is pretty cool, but there's not enough players on PokerOwned

    Got you covered. We built this so it can go on many other sites. When we launch, it will initially go on 4 different sites. You will be playing vs. players from other sites and not know what site they are from.

    What about other options and ideas?

    Yes, we will be adding other options. Such as QB, RB, WR vs QB, RB, WR. Think of this as kind of prop betting. If you can think of ideas let me know!
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    This is awesome!

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    This'll be nice. Might even make me pay attention to baseball.

    Side note...should make sure to add NFL kickers for Poofs sake.

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    It's good! It is a colorful world with hundreds of thousands of different challenges. fall guys

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    It's fantastic! It's a vibrant universe filled with hundreds of thousands of unique challenges. happy wheels unblocked

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    Anyone who has spent time in front of a computer has most likely played solitaire. Most people recognize this as the go-to card game when they're bored in some form or another.**World of solitaire will finally allow you to take your card-playing achievements with you wherever you go!

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