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    PokerOwned Madness - After 1 week, what needs changing?

    How do you guys like it? Looks like about 75% of the matches are won via Heads up (WHICH IS GREAT!)

    Some changes I know I want to make:

    - Adding everyone's screen names in your profile (Like the feedbacks) so you can see who you are playing against
    - Adding a notice on the homepage when a heads up match is in progress (If possible)


    - Keep track of the # of final 4's and championships you have won
    - Allow you to fill out your brackets once they are finalized on Mondays to bet on winners
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    rigging it so i get past the first round lol
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    I love the adding screen names to profiles and the tracking of final 4's

    The other stuff is good too, but not so important to me.
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