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    Poker Owned is an awesome site!

    so ive been a PokerOwned member for close to 2 weeks now.. and so far SO GOOD! immediately won the b2b(the champ is here!).. made myself a bunch of points and a decent bankroll for micro stakes mtts. ive registered to many other forums in the past but ive never really contributed or anything. i was never a forum type of person, but ive come to love this site.. awesome promos, excellent Daily Freerolls, and a pretty cool crowd as well!

    ive been inspired by PO member Sharkings br/grinding thread.. and decided he is who i must surpass right now to feel good about myself.. lol

    i checked my sharkscope stats and they arent too pretty atm with about 15 games on carbon.. and my juicy stakes/cake stats are embarrassing too even though i had a few big wins back in the day plus i was killing it in the ring games getting like 300$ weekly through rakeback! but i was WAY TOO RECKLESS with my BR in those years though. cashed out a few grand and spent it quick, then lost the rest of my BR multi-tabling .50/1 ring games when i should have went back down in stakes after i cashed out.

    im far more disciplined now and more experienced too.... time for a change.

    atm my carbon br is about $30 my juicy is about $15. ill be playing mostly 1$, 2$ mtts and of course the daily FRs.. and satellites to big tournys that run on sundays.

    must continue to grindmyass!

    See you donks at the table.

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