Fixed ring game buy-in error that occurred for accounts with balances over 2.147 billion chips.
Added "RTL Language" checkbox to language edit & search dialogs for right-to-left language input.
Fixed a memory corruption bug caused by player disconnects.
Added "Auto check hands" option to Client Settings so that a non-response will be treated as a check when no bet is present.
Hands played across midnight are no longer split across two hand history files.
Fixed Data Folder bug in 2.92 that caused site data to disappear.
Duplicate email address setting now correctly enforced during account changes and valcode mailings.
Improved disk performance for event and hand history logs.
Added Player Chat (yes/no) option to game settings.
Added Head section HTML option to Ad Settings.
Added ID attributes to all DIVs in HTML wrapper.
Removed pixel size limits in Ad Settings.
Fixed multi-table tournament bug that caused server lockups.
Fixed tournament bug where the rebuy period would expire before all tables had a chance to finish their hand in final rebuy level.
Timing of tournament levels are no longer affected by changes to the server's clock.
Fixed bug that allowed tables to be opened over a dialog prompt.
Fixed bug where a player who changed seats at a ring table would still see his previous hole cards.
Fixed ring game bug that allowed players to add chips before initial buy-in process was completed.
Integrity check now performed on account files at startup.