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    PO State of the Union Address

    As you may have heard by now, I have been handed the reins by Zab to execute my vision of the site so we can grow as a community. Iím humbled and honored to be given this chance, and as a loyal member of this site for over 6 years, I will do everything in my power to make Pokerowned bigger and better than it ever has been. Thereís a LOT of things coming in the next few months, and I hope that as the new features and functionality come in, you guys will be as excited as I am for whatís in store.

    However, I canít do it aloneÖthis is a team effort where we all have a role to play. Whether itís earning points on the offerwalls, helping people, marketing or referrals, everyone in this community can contribute to the long term success of PO if they are up for it. There are certain members of the site that I havenít exactly seen eye-to-eye with over the years; Iíd like to extend an olive branch to wipe the slate clean so we can begin PO v2 fresh.

    So what can you guys expect? Well for starters, hereís whatís coming down the pipeline in the immediate futureÖ

    Offerwall Revamp: We will be offering a host of new offerwalls (and removing a few of the inactive ones), such as Adgate, Adscend Media, Dryverless Ads, EngageMe and more. New offerwalls means a lot of new points for all of us in circulation, and also note that we still have our ďFollow the LeaderĒ promotion for tasking, which means if you are the first to complete something and promote it, you get a cut of everyone doing that task after you. Iíll be accessible in chat to help anyone on the walls Ė no joke, Iíve made over 25k in the last 3 years just by doing offers, there is a LOT of money to be made if you work hard and honestly.

    Bitcoin Redeems: Do I need to say more? BITCOIN REDEEMS (there Iíve said more), and lightning fast at that.

    New and Improved User Guide: A comprehensive guide to get you earning a lot of points in a short period of time, which I will update constantly with new tips and tricks to maximize earning potential. Everything from email offers, surveys, trials and how to set your browser up will all be centralized in one place.

    Referral Structure: To show we are serious about site growth, we are doubling the % you get from any valid referral going forward to 10%. You got a few friends that like making money? Sign em up. Donít just stop at your friends thoughÖ

    Referral Contest: This is where you in the community can really play your part in helping the site grow; the more referrals you bring in not only net you more points from their tasking, but put you in the running to win a prize every 2 months for the most traffic you can drive to the site.

    Monthly Tasking Contests: Coming soon, prizes for the POíers that earn the most on the offerwalls every month. With these contests will be a monthly freeroll for the top X earners with bitcoin prizes.

    Updated Site Design: As the community, contests and offerwalls grow, so must the site. Youíll notice a lot of changes as we go forward, but we will retain the feel of the site that youíve been accustomed to.

    TRIVDEEA: THE BEST chat trivia game returns, bigger and better than ever. Weekly trivia, open to all, free to play and prizes for correct answers Ė winners paid out of my own pocket just to show you how much I love running it.

    Client Games/Grinder Challenge/PO Madness: Iím lumping all of this together since the promotions depend on more client tournaments Ė as the site grows and the points become more plentiful on the site, Iíd like to bring back a full schedule of games, or potentially a few bigger entry games. Iím asking your patience for this one as it will depend on the site growth.

    Bubble Chat: PatienceÖitís a priority 

    Iíll have a lot more details on everything listed above in the coming days/weeks so stay tuned.

    So to kick off this new era of the site, Iíd like to hold a town hall meeting in chat next week, April 18th at 9 PM EST (the Flash isnít on this week so Tuesday is free), for what the present and future holds on PO. If you have questions or comments that youíd like to see answered or addressed in chat, send me a PM and I will get to as many of them as I can (try to get all of your questions in one PM).

    The most users ever online was 1,710, 08-29-2014 at 01:54 me ambitious, but I'd like to beat that in due time; how fast we grow depends on all of us.

    - Rob (rivdee)

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    Awesome im glad Zab did that now we have hope i am so excited and it all just sounds so good even trivdeea i also like to slash at the new offers ty bro for caring enough bout the site and us to help the progress of this site moving forward. (im so happy now thought we was going to die out ty Rivdee)

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    Bottom Line, Rivdee has the knowledge, experience, expertise and vision to make Pokerowned great again. Based on my observations and his success on other sites, he is probably the only one (with support) who would be able to pull of such a feat. I forsee anyone who has spent any amount of time, or will spend a good amount time, on Pokerowned owing him a debt of gratitude for taking on such a monumental undertaking.

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