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    Password Leaking

    Ok, I am going to sick dog the bounty hunter on password leakers.

    What I am doing now is every freeroll I will have 2 passwords.

    1 that goes to 99% of all the users, and 1 that goes to 1 or 2 users that I 'think' might be leaking the passwords.

    I will then ask FTP which PWs the leakers got in on, that will narrow down who is leaking the password and we can have a public execution!!!

    If I find that you are leaking the PW, you will be banned, all points lost and your IP will be perma banned.

    We're just starting out guys, would be a shame to miss out on our growth!!

    And FYI: Everytimes Zod's 'brother' enters the freeroll I'll deduct points from his accounts
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    haha nice ... i want bounties on me ! but i dont wanna leak the pw's >_<

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    lol.. I think that is great zab... you are going to track them down like dog himself...... sweet.....

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    nice i love this idea

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    thats a very good idea zab. i guess theres more than one way to skin a cat. lol

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    Great idea

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    yup good idea is right hopefully u can get to the bottom of it and hopefully they just don't get a buddy to reregister to get the password cause it will be a never ending game of cat and mouse i'm sure!

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    Great idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zabulus32 View Post
    And FYI: Everytimes Zod's 'brother' enters the freeroll I'll deduct points from his accounts
    Why not just ban him? He's probably colluding with his brother too.

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