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    New Pop up chat box

    So most of you have noticed the new pop up chat box.

    I added this for a few reasons:

    1) To make it easier to have a private conversation
    2) With the new staking program, easier to get someone's attention in real time
    3) New Mentoring program, again, easier to get a hold of a mentor
    4) Built in translator for non-english speaking members

    Let me know if you feel the site has increased lag since adding it. I am still working on this.
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    i never had a lag in the site ever...only thing would take a few seconds it seemed like when people would post in chat...other than that it seems to always run smooth imo....good shit zab...looks very good....

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    Who's online

    I loooooooooooooove the new Who's online on poker owned!!!!!!

    wp Zab

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    yeah the new features are pretty cool, i have to agree..good job zab

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    v.nice improvements v.good job by full team PO its always get better.

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    I cant find how to log into the chat. I see the "chatbox" and i see the "chatbar" but i dont see where you can type at. Can someone post a screenshot or a video showing how to log in and where to type at ? will be much appreciated. Thank You.

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    nebody want to play any of the cool games within chatbox plz chat me netime u see me online i want to play 8ball pool if u r up for a game leme knw thanks.

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    very impressive! All the new add ons and upgrades with no lag!!!!! Crazy cool!!!!

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