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    Matomy is up and live

    Another site is up with more offers "Matomy"

    There's a help section if you are missing points there.

    I have my affiliate manager on Skype so if there's ever any issues, I'll be on top of it!
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    nice i am excited to try this one.. should be fun..... see u soon zab

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    ok maybe u can ask him,,, 2 things,,, are they any ones u can do here that dont require purchases to be made online?? I DID the victoria secrect one tnite, for 307 points,,, it went on soo long zab,, over 30 minutes,, i ansered everything too, then i gave up,, was waay too long for me,, now i feel like i wasted a lotta of time,,, very difficult to do,, so just wonderin if anysuggestions u have,, or manager can suggest,, on free surverys ones to do there???? OK ty for any info on this,,,

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    Some of these are definitely working for me. Not all of them, but I have definitely gotten points. So as long as the site's earning money from it, I say its a keeper.

    Thanks Zab

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