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    Major Client Upgrades

    Going in today:

    "Clear Log" buttons added to Logs tab in server console.
    "Option button" changed to "Menu button" on Language tab.
    "Wait for BB" button added to ring games.
    Account edit function no longer changes player balance unless that field was actually changed.
    Added "Bad password max" to the Server Settings group and a corresponding "Bad password max message" Language setting.
    Added "Lobby Chat Regex" setting to callback events.
    Added "Rotate Here" function triggered by seat click.
    Added "Rotate seats" option to table menu.
    Added "Smallest chip" option to ring game settings.
    Added "Stop on chop" option to tournament settings.
    Added "Strict limit cap" option for fixed limit games.
    Added "Tournament start seconds" setting to Client Settings.
    Added 64-bit Gold version.
    Added cache busting parameters to file links in HTML file.
    Added calendar popup for selecting tournament start times.
    Added chat flood prevention option.
    Added disconnect protection.
    Added font settings to Client Settings group.
    Added four new server settings that limit raw connections to the file and packet ports.
    Added K/M/B suffix option to chip transfer function.
    Added K/M/B suffix option to manual betting in client.
    Added lobby chat callback event.
    Added new API commands: RingGamesOpen and TournamentsOpen.
    Added option to restrict player names to ASCII characters and fixed a bug that would not recognize dashes and underscores.
    Added Player parameter to SystemLobbyMessage API call.
    Added pointer corruption checks in server.
    Added position # column to waiting lists.
    Added ring and tournament cloning functions in server console.
    Added ring game and tournament filter option.
    Added SSL encryption option (Gold edition).
    Added SSL support and reset feature to Callback Events.
    Added wildcard character support to IP blacklist/whitelists.
    Admin/API triggered tournament registration no longer causes a popup message in client.
    Bandwidth stats now logged with new "Traffic interval" setting.
    Color theming now available in Trial and Lite versions.
    Compiler upgraded from Delphi 2009 to Delphi XE5.
    Confirmation now shown when player registers for a tournament.
    Corrected avatar retrieval info in API section of help file.
    Corrected outdated info in the "Site news" section of help file.
    Eliminated duplicate error messages in Callback Event system.
    Entire card deck, dealer button, and chip graphics can now be customized (Pro/Gold editions).
    Fixed "Connection reset by peer" errors in callback events.
    Fixed "Wait for BB" bug that crashed ring games in 4.14. This button now only appears when a blind is owed.
    Fixed a bring-window-to-front bug in client.
    Fixed a bug in Refresh Table command.
    Fixed a bug in tournament payout structure.
    Fixed a memory leak related to disconnects.
    Fixed bring-to-front bug in lobby window.
    Fixed bring-to-front bug that occurred when leaving a table while action pending.
    Fixed bug in password prompt for private ring tables.
    Fixed bug in table chat feature.
    Fixed button stealing exploit in ring games.
    Fixed case sensitivity bug in blacklist function.
    Fixed chat auto-scroll bug in client.
    Fixed chat scroll bug in client.
    Fixed community card flip bug.
    Fixed conflict with vertical bar character in account fields.
    Fixed connection sweep bugs.
    Fixed connection termination bug.
    Fixed dealer button exploit.
    Fixed duplicate login entry bug in client.
    Fixed floating point bug in rake and entry fee accounts.
    Fixed fractional chip bug in rake and entry fee accounts.
    Fixed hand history bugs in client.
    Fixed hole card flip-up bug for Chrome browsers.
    Fixed Javascript parameter encoding bug.
    Fixed memory leak in callback event thread.
    Fixed memory leak.
    Fixed memory leak.
    Fixed memory/thread leak.
    Fixed name comparison bug in blacklist function.
    Fixed Omaha Hi-Lo tournament bug.
    Fixed Omaha Hi-Lo tournament bug.
    Fixed player removal bug in ring games.
    Fixed player sitout bug that did not clear wait/ready buttons.
    Fixed ring game bug where small blind would not get posted when a new session started with more than two players.
    Fixed ring game dead blind bug.
    Fixed rotation bug where chips did not rotate with seat.
    Fixed rounding bug in fractional chip betting.
    Fixed scrollbar bug.
    Fixed seat rotate bug.
    Fixed security issues related to offline tournaments and startup parameters.
    Fixed security issues related to startup parameters and offline tournaments.
    Fixed sitout warning bug in table leave menu.
    Fixed table closing bug when player logs out.
    Fixed tournament "range check" bug in 64-bit Gold version.
    Fixed tournament bug related to a sitter being all-in.
    Fixed tournament bug that improperly handled a 0.00 payout.
    Fixed tournament payout structure bug.
    Game listings in client now appear in bold font where player is currently sitting or in waiting list.
    Grid sorting in client is no longer case sensitive.
    Improved chat block feature.
    Improved error handling with dropped connections.
    Improved table exit procedure.
    Made cosmetic change to tab selection feature.
    Net Chip count now remembered during "rathole" period.
    Player client converted from Flash to HTML5/Javascript, now compatible with latest versions of all major browsers including iOS and Android tablets, with desktop and mobile GUI options.
    Remote Admin and API paths are now user configurable.
    Removed spurious KillIdleHTTP error messages.
    Removed table error log entries introduced in 4.05.
    Renamed "Max connections" to "Max sessions" in server settings.
    Save chat feature now properly escapes html tags in client.
    Seat configuration changes now updated correctly in client.
    Server must now be taken offline before window can be closed.
    Source parameter in the "Balance" callback event now indicates the name of sender/recipient for chip transfers.
    Table description field now wraps correctly in client.
    Thread load reduced for improved server performance.
    Tournament no-show status fortified in case of packet loss.
    Warning now displayed when putting tournaments online that have expired start times.
    "And Shepherds we shall be. For thee, my Lord, for thee.
    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand. Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
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    Where's the upgrade where the best hand preflop actually wins?

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    You forgot the kitchen sink.
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    Looks like a lot of work thanks for making the site run so smooth Zab

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    Don't forget the option to scratch debts you owe. Other than that, thumbs up!!!

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    Thank you for all the hard work and dedication Zab. It's nice to actually have a forum admin that's around.
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    Got a little excited there after reading this and went to give it a try. Still won't let someone in if their name is more than 12 characters, so bummer on that count.
    However, it is definitely most cool that you are constantly working actively to improve so many aspects of Pokerowned. Thanks for all your work, Zab.
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    Guess itz about time for a client freeroll!! WOOT!
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    wish I was computer literate but im guessing I arrived at the right time to your site. now I find myself here everyday .

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    I think the client upgrade will definitely get more players in the game. I liked the format, but it was hard to play on other sites' games when you are playing in client at the same time. I look forward to getting in client and seeing the changes for myself, but from what Zab has described, it sounds like it will be on point and closer to the cosmetics of a poker site like Full Flush, Seals With Clubs, etc. Thanks for the upgrades, awesome part of this site is there is constant improvements being made to better the site.

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