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    Loanshark Policies

    Since this has come up 6-7 times this week, I feel the need to explain loan shark policies of the site.

    1) If you take a loan out, plan on paying it back in the time you and the loaner have agreed to. If you don't, you end up in default.

    2) If you loan someone points in the marketplace, that is at your own risk - I advise against it, and if the loanee takes your points and never returns, there's nothing to be done about it.

    3) If you go into default, you lose access to the marketplace until your debt is paid. You can earn points on the offerwalls, or you can work something out with the person you owe money to. The site isn't responsible for what the loaner and loanee work out, you guys made the agreement, honor it.

    A lot of you have voiced your displeasure with lacking market place privileges when you are in default; if you are never in default, shouldn't be an issue.

    Since some of you have a problem constantly going into default, I will solve the problem - if i hear that you repeatedly owe the same person and that you need arrangements to pay your loan, I will restrict the defaulter from loan shark permanently.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Is there a way to like this post?

    Well said.

    20:52 <onehotdame> sug ...your the most helpful of Mods
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    Loan are very helpful nowadays for us people and personally I take loans often cuz it helps me financially much! I can take a loan and invest it into my business so it can bring me much more money, you got it? Usually I take loans here and the most important for me here is their soft policy for us people!

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