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    Giving the users power

    I want to somehow find a way to give the users back the power to declare a post in the forum as spam..but how?

    If I give you a button to declare a post spammy, and then the post gets XX # of hits, its deleted and the user is subtracted 5 points...

    But I worry about allowing that for to many people.

    So what if I give users that are over XX months old that ability? Still issues?

    Or if I designate certain users with that power (We saw before, 1 user might be not enough, so if 2-3 of these users with that power had the ability... and more than 1 thought it was spam, then the deletion \ minus points would happen)

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    I have been here awhile and i have no life so give me the power
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    You would need to add a dropdown that says why they are declaring it spam - i could easily see people creating a thread and doing that to any post they dont like.

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    Id worry about a group of people (or MAs) colluding to mark valid posts due to a personal issue with the poster. Setting about 5-10 peeps with the power should be good (or length of time here + post count used to choose), it should probably go to a mod review thread so it can be verified spam or not, and power revoked if abused. Good idea to have that available tho

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    I would support this power for mods assuming it would be regulated to prevent any impropriety.

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    i dont like the idea only because to many ppl hate eachother on here and it would only cause more problems..... unless u could some how see who considered each comment/post "spam". my 2 cents.

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    Maybe set it up so that it's for anyone with over a year and not under any type of ban, and then it takes 5 votes to get removed. But don't post how many votes a comment has already gotten cause then it will just start a domino effect of voting out a thread. Or only give the mods the power and it takes 2 mod votes to delete a thread/comment.
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    I foresee no issues coming from this...LOL...<---100% Sarcasm! I would stick with what is working! Yea, it is probably not completely carrying the load but I would have to imagine it is still better than the possible future drama stemming from this! You could possibly be adding to your own workload Z!

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    I personally think give the power to all over 1 month users. Make it five "flags" and set up a way to dispute a claim if you're flagged.

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    i think it should be more then just how long you've been here..ive been here long but inactive for a few months...maybe somehow have it to do with someone activity?

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