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    Daily Fantasy Sports Vision

    We're getting close to adding Daily Fantasy Sports here. I would say about a month.

    Now, it will be on its own separate page, but, I still want something showing up in the lobby when you guys create games for PO Points.. Yes you can play for real money as well..

    Here's my vision, tell me what you think

    "And Shepherds we shall be. For thee, my Lord, for thee.
    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand. Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
    In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."

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    I am really excited about this and I think that have a section here for when ppl bet PO points is a great idea.

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    yes this is a great idea we need other ways to get points other than surveys that dont always work

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