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    bishking is the longest defending champ i have ever seen

    Dam bishking you are the man dude, you have been the champ now for 3 days...congrats..

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    and still the B2B pot increases .. lol

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    I should get rewarded for that. lol

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    Haha that is quite the accomplishment. Looks like that might be the only recent positive coming from the merge update.

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    It must be frustrating for you Bishking since you have to register for all the tourney's to go for B2B. Even though they aren't working you don't want to miss out on your chance at B2B. Many of us have just given up and are waiting until merge is fixed and good to go. Good luck though buddy hope you get your shot soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by bishking View Post
    I should get rewarded for that. lol
    Yes u should especially since you have to make sure your in the tourney that actually counts, must be nerve racking.
    "Maybe Poker's Just Not Your Game"

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    this update workout well for u bishking u r longest defending champ lol but i really dont know how many hrs a tourney would take my $ 1 sng yest. took around 4 hrs!

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