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    Adding BLVD today or tomorrow

    Another site like CPA Lead etc, this one seems promising.

    Here's my conversation:

    [1:21:53 PM] Zabulus: the problem i am finding is, the users will only go so far to get their points
    [1:21:56 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: downloads, signups, form fills, etc
    [1:22:01 PM] Zabulus: They are getting spammed on their cell phones and I want to avoid taht
    [1:22:14 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: we don't do those cell phone offers all that much
    [1:22:46 PM] Zabulus: ok perfect
    [1:22:49 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: those cell phone offers pay a lot
    [1:22:50 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: but suck
    [1:23:01 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: we get so many complaints on them too that we don't even bother running them
    [1:23:03 PM] Zabulus: ya im getting alot of negative feedback on spam, cell phone stuff, people are REALLY afraid to download anything
    [1:23:12 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: spam is always a part of it
    [1:23:15 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: they are opting in
    [1:23:21 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: but they can just set up a separate email
    [1:23:22 PM] Zabulus: right i tell users to use a survey friendly email address
    [1:23:26 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: exactly
    [1:23:38 PM] Zabulus: Im hoping to have BLVD ready asap
    [1:24:03 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: we get high converting offers that aren't the same crap everyone has
    [1:24:06 PM] Zabulus: Ya if you can tell me what to tell the users when they are missing points, what to say them that would be great
    [1:24:11 PM] Affiliate Manager - BLVD: and we are adding about 20 - 30 new ones per day

    We're going to make 2 sites for BLVD:

    #1 BLVD Easy (Easy to convert your points)
    #2 BLVD Mega # (The ones that get you the most points)

    Hope to have it up soon, sounds good
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    Thats good,maybe i'll can do these surveys

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    This sounds awesome, can't wait to try it out. I doubt its as great as Mr. Affiliate Manager says, but I hope they convert more often than most of these others

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    sounds like it could definitely be a good addition to the site

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    wowww cool could be a very good addition to the site

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    doing surveys is not difficule, but some times you don't qualify,the good news is that there is a lot of surveys to chose and qualify

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