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    According to PokerSiteScout

    We should be running more tournaments at Bovada than anywhere else?

    Also Juicy \ Lock should be 2nd

    Followed by BCP

    and last Carbon

    What say you? The Bovada tournaments on here are the smallest ones..

    Should we have more Juicy tournaments? More BCP? Less Carbon?
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    Carbon went to the toilet a long time ago, Players seem to like BCP. I may be wrong but I hear from a lot of players that Juicy/Lock are not much better

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    less carbon, more BCP

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    It would definitely be worth trying out a second Bovada. Sounds like bigger prize pools at BCP instead of more tournaments. Juicy/Lock may look good by the numbers, but people don't have any confidence in them and Lock doesn't seem to be pulling in very good numbers for PO in the last couple weeks, so there's no reason to increase them. Carbon seems to hold it's own and doesn't need much tweaking unless you wanted to experiment with different request people had. It's got the numbers as far as PO member go to try new things and see how successful they are.

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    I miss Pokerstars....dman look at those peak hour traffic numbers.....ahhhh the good ol' days....smh.

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    Dump Juicy/Lock, Add more Bovada, BCP, keep what you have at Carbon, the place is improving (at least cashout times coming back to somewhat reasonable)

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    I cant play a bovada. And would appreciate it highly if the lock freerolls stayed. Juicy is my least favorite.

    Would love to see the BCP ones be bigger prize pools, i think the entrants numbers would rise pretty significantly

    Carbon is awesome to me..I think they are definetly going in the right direction (like WEC said)

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    Drop Lock and Juicy, leave just one Carbon and add more BCP and Bovada.

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    what exactly does poker scout track? the greatness of US friendly networks cannot only be determined by traffic.
    cashout times are waaaay more important

    lock / juicy sucks. those sites have people waiting up to 12 months for checks, you shouldn't want to do budiness with shytty companies
    intertops is on the revolution network, and has 1 week cashouts, TOPS! they do not accept new US players, but im sure an affiliate could help his players on

    BCP / ACR are good networks that are cashing people out, the fact it cant be tracked bothers me tho

    Bovada cashes out out fast most of the time, but bounces chex half the time, yea they issue new chex, no problem, but waiting on a bounced check, and then another check that might be good is frustrating, also cannot be tracked which bothers me

    if you must keep merge, get poker host. they have p2p Xfer. THX!!!

    a sites traffic IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be the determining factor, or even @ the top of the list of a determining factor,
    you hear us all day bytch about lock / juicy... yet you pull these stats which mean NOTHING!
    i think ur gonna do whatever you want no matter what we say

    drop lock / juicy - pick up intertops
    keep carbon - add poker host
    add more bovada
    add ALOT more bcp / acr

    CASHOUT TIMES MATTER!!! and should be top of the list on determining what sites to keep / drop / add

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    very well said poke. and I agree aswell

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