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  1. Hero Call FTW
  2. 2 hours into the $5.50 $3500. i get QQ after a loose players open discuss.
  3. donks everywhere
  4. To zab>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >
  5. Poker tourney tonight @ 7:15
  6. Bcp freeroll plo??
  7. Try thinking about things differently.
  8. Freeroll play in $11 1k gtd??
  9. sick hand ty for holding~
  10. freeroll password
  11. How can I survive or thrive in ring games?
  12. More PokerOwned Poker Client Freerolls Please
  13. Multi Table Tournaments to Ring Games
  14. For the online poker conspiracy theorists
  15. 2k & 5hun freerolls
  16. Fold or Hold Bubble Boy
  17. Is there any point 3-betting OOP?
  18. dont loan azreal
  19. Hand Ranging Question
  20. America Cardsroom Pokerowned Freeroll
  21. cashed today in the 20 dollar blackchip
  22. VOTF The Jokers Smile on Carbon Poker every Saturday at 9 pm EST Password: funnyside
  23. Suckout free Saturday
  24. Tournament to cash game
  25. Bovada
  26. Tips * NEED HELP!
  27. 1pm Carbon FR 2/26/14
  28. can i get your opinion on this hand plz
  29. What happens to you when you go from bronze to silver in OPR on Merge
  30. Mental endurance in tournament
  31. Tuesday 2/25/14 4pm EST Carbon Freeroll..
  32. Simple WWYD hand
  33. Wishful Thinking on the Part of the Donk
  34. Morning freerolls?
  35. why do you guys cash out?
  36. What is a fair split for this live cash staking deal?
  37. waves of momentum that come in a tourney
  38. Favorite Trash Hand?
  39. Am I understanding Royal Loyalty?
  40. I played this hand wrong?
  41. the WSOPokerOwned
  42. Schedule for Today
  43. Do you guys softplay each other in the freerolls or what?
  44. Bovada SnG Super Turbo Micro's
  45. Reader's Digest - Rghy2 edition
  46. Poker Client Freeroll Is Better Than Surveys or Tasks
  47. Would you have made this call?
  48. Do you play to bust others or to cash?
  49. Wish I could run like this in a PO Freeroll...
  50. Late entry as a strategy?
  51. Squatting near the Bubble. Good? Bad? Annoying? Does not matter?
  52. My Potential horses HH quizzes
  53. Sunday Schedule
  54. Live Play
  55. Heads Up Vs SitNGo...
  56. Favorite site to play poker!
  57. sportsbettingpoker stt learderboards winnings
  58. Why notes are awesome!
  59. Good Luck to Everybody in the Freeroll Fury Tonight
  60. cash games vs tnaments
  61. cash VS tournament : the difference.
  62. I am horrible at cash games
  63. Carbon Poker $1000 Freeroll Fury
  64. one for four!
  65. I think Poker is out to get me!
  66. carbon freerolls
  67. plutogons Live Bankroll Thread
  68. wish their was a way to purchase points from the site!
  69. 1st place
  70. Do you call on this draw?
  71. 7pm tournament
  72. BCP Stake $5.50 Big 10
  73. 2nd place
  74. Stake pikeboy412
  75. Bankroll needed to make 200$ a day?
  76. Freeroll
  77. Wsopokerowned
  78. Where is my tourny coupon?
  79. Black chip poker robbed me of 6500
  80. Tipping the Dealer in Live Poker Games
  81. Run it UP Apprentice Jason Somerville in studio with Martin Kampmann!
  82. Final Tabl
  83. Carbon Poker Freeroll screen name?
  84. Bovada Freeroll
  85. Is there something to the madness of playing poorly on purpose?
  86. Bovada vs Carbon vs Black Chip
  87. new
  88. Folding a Flopped Flush with little information
  89. first final table!
  90. Unlocking the Micro's
  91. guaranteed tourneys?
  92. First ladies tournament Sunday!!
  93. Any home games near Ithaca, NY?
  94. How do you build a bankroll?
  95. How do you approach a free roll?
  96. Nap Before Tourneys...
  97. Freeroll Donkey Bets
  98. Is this a good fold considering I was up against chip leader
  99. My Poker Journal
  100. PO Omaha Freeroll
  101. carbon
  102. Placed 3rd and 2nd in my First two free rolls!
  103. winning that freeroll cash
  104. Full Flush. Terrible Program
  105. Playing Tight Early?
  106. Aces cracked
  107. Carbon poker
  108. Carbon Poker Private Game
  109. Official Poker Client Hands Thread
  110. Playing the $2,500 gtd on bcp
  111. donks
  112. hit n run strategy applied to long term?
  113. tighter play
  114. $3500 gtd on bcp 1realsickjoker
  115. No more PO freerolls on PokerStars?
  116. best tourneys available.
  117. Running a stake for nab76 on bcp
  118. How do you guys play with a small bankroll and not get antsy and not get bored?
  119. Home run or small ball
  120. I am interested if I played this hand correctly.
  121. play Omaha HiLo
  122. Roi
  123. Pokerowned tourney's at BlackChipPoker...today
  124. Any Big New Years eve/day tournaments?
  125. Limit Poker?
  126. Black Chip Poker?
  127. Chatting Smack Sometimes Works
  128. Bcp stake
  129. Christmas freerolls
  130. Registering late in a tourney
  131. Cash Games vs Tournaments
  132. Freerolls
  133. SS and Smillions
  134. Need 3 people to run the BIG10 4k gtd on BCP
  135. They call me Snark Dawg at the Vegas High Stakes Tables.
  136. po games
  137. Earn points
  138. sng's
  139. tell me po sharks what is your strategy for hypertoubo's
  140. need poker points tourney
  141. 1k christmas freeroll
  142. donks will be donks lolz
  143. Local bar hosts a freeroll MTT
  144. Wowza, Just took down a 400 dollar pot!
  145. terrible poker
  146. Gross bad beats.... -_-
  147. .25/.50 ring ACR...... Fold them AA
  148. Poker Strategy
  149. Wow sick hand at .25/.50 ring @ swc
  150. 150 pt client SNG - Voice your support!!
  151. Leaking of PO freerolls password
  152. $15 PO Tourney
  153. Bovada Poker software
  154. New Rule
  155. Basic rules sometimes bear repeating
  156. Check my line: $1 100 gtd carbon FO
  157. who can afford most rivers?
  158. Suggestions on organizing a PO SitnGO or cash game.
  159. Boom big hit in PO Client **Post Brag
  160. winners here
  161. BCP funds
  162. placed good feel like i played bad
  163. Considering My First WSOPC $365 Event
  164. When Re-Buying.......
  165. looking for an acr/bcp loan
  166. status
  167. jlitt123456 staking Grind4green
  168. Staking Winners- who needs a stake
  169. Lock poker freeroll
  170. Line check.
  171. Late Reg. Discussion
  172. i told you it was worth it : )
  173. Carbon $40 freeroll in 90 minutes
  174. Negative variance
  175. 4 time runner up :(
  176. Taking notes & classifying players
  177. Rebel poker is da best
  178. sharing pass
  179. Bovada cash
  180. bankroll madnesss
  181. pokerstar upgrade prize pool
  182. Tips for MTT Hyper Turbos?
  183. One Weekly H.O.R.S.E Tourney Please!
  184. What would you do.... with Bullets
  185. do u think i played this wrong
  186. Im in 1st place as of right on the 5k freeroll for blackchip poker coming this month.
  187. VOTF's 2 year Anniversary Tournament
  188. Losing patience
  189. playing and raising every hand
  190. Really? On a gut shot???
  191. Stud, Razz, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E
  192. in deep at lock10kfr
  193. your opinion
  194. Check out my crying call
  195. I wish PO had ACR freerolls :-(
  196. Tournament Registration
  197. Sick Hand 50c sit and go 180 man - stars
  198. your opinions on coupon tournaments
  199. Fast ring-game winning.
  200. Carbon 100$ freeroll with 1$ rebuys for all players. Nov 10th
  201. First cash in a PO freeroll
  202. haha pure good play with a donk in between we both try to slow play monsters lol
  203. looking for a stake on bcp
  204. Sucked Out Sucks
  205. Fish gonna fish
  206. Noticed bcp does not give tourney bucks for 50k qualifier but true poker does?
  207. WHY shoving beats limping w/ less than 10 bb
  208. Stake offer for DPadgett1
  209. It seems the tourney reseating on BCP moves people to a table with like stacks...
  210. warning to all DoN players on bcp/acr
  211. Min-Raising in Hyper Turbo Heads-Up NL Hold Em'
  212. Limping with less than 10BB?
  213. Bovada 8pm Freeroll LLB
  214. Bovada Freeroll 8pm
  215. No Chat when All In
  216. How do you play the turn card?
  217. BCP Freeroll 530pm Oct 18th
  218. REAL hand examples, insight into my play
  219. PLO Players Comment On This Hand
  220. BCP 530pm EST $15 freeroll
  221. What strategy is in FL?
  222. good or bad bankroll management...
  223. Anyone playing bovada freeroll tonight?
  224. GodzAmongKingz★1st Place CARBON POKER $40 FREEROLL CasinoScreenShots,Offical Results?
  225. got 2nd place in the lock freeroll tourney!
  226. BCP Beast Leader Blog - MammaCoolJ
  227. You Can't Rush The Progress of a Tourney
  228. Placed 1st in POKER.OWNED $25 Tournament Free Roll witch was hosted by BROVADA
  229. Say My Name ((( SickRead )))
  230. How much does a hand's value go up if its suited.
  231. Do you ever get 'pokered-out' for a month or so occasionally?
  232. Play with JJ QQ TT
  233. How can I act with monster hands at the pre flop?
  234. i am deep in bcp tourment freeroll with 15,000 chips
  235. Dangerous Hands not to Overbet
  236. Weirdest HU Plays Ever --Advice?
  237. Love it!!
  238. Lock 50k Guaranteed
  239. I need to play higher stakes
  240. What are your favorite suited connectors?
  241. Overlay Central on Merge
  242. so close
  243. Strategy in SitnGo. How to earn money in mtt sitngo
  244. How to play chinesse poker?
  245. Whos railing the wcoop me?
  246. Please advise about this hand
  247. BCP Sunday Grind
  248. ,60 NLH Carbon tournament Pokerowned INVASION~~
  249. How often do you limp with rags in the SB?
  250. How Can I Get In The World Series of Poker Owned ?