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    Viktor ?Isildur1″ Blom ya no es parte del Team PokerStars

    Viktor ?Isildur1″ Blom ya no forma parte del Team PokerStars Pro.

    La p?gina PokerNews descubri? ayer martes que Blom ya no figuraba como parte del Team Pro y esto fue confirmado por Eric Hollreiser encargado de las comunicaciones de PokerStars que dijo que Blom y PS acordaron no renovar el contrato.

    Blom entro en el 2011 al equipo del Team PokerStars durante el PCA y fue una de las figuras del poker.

    ?En poco tiempo como jugador de poker , Blom jug? contra los mejores jugadores dehighest stakes ? dijo Hollreiser. Le deseamos lo mejor.

    Blom por su parte dijo: ? Me he divertido como Team Pro y le deseo lo mejor a PS pero ahora estoy concentrado en jugar poker.?

    Fuente: PokerNews.

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    Yeah i don't speak spanish or whatever you are speaking, Portuguese. But im pretty sure this post is about how PS dropped Viktor Blom as a Pro. I seriously dont understand why they would do this, its not like they are paying him alot more then most there pros. He has been one of the most exciting players the past several years and practically completely popularized overbetting

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    Viktor Isildur1 "Blom? Already instance it not part of Team PokerStars

    Viktor? Isildur1 "Blom is no longer part of Team PokerStars Pro The p? Page PokerNews discovery? Tuesday Blom That was no longer part of an instance of Team Pro and this was confirmed by Eric Hollreiser Communications Manager who said Blom PokerStars and PS agreed not to renew the contract. Blom entered in 2011 to Team PokerStars Team During the PCA and was one of the figures of poker.? Tiempo Soon as a poker player, Blom jar? against the best players betting dehighest ? SAID Hollreiser .. Blom wish him well for his part said:? I so funny how Team Pro and I wish him well PS But now I'm focused on poker play.? Source: PokerNews.

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    I think it's because now they have acquired Full Tilt, so maybe Isildur might change over when Full Tilt is up and running again. Just my guess though.

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