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    My First ITM on Freerolls

    Hi Guys,

    Yes, the title of this post is surprising! I FINALLY Could get my first ITM on the freerolls.

    1st, why freerolls?

    Well, I am a relatively new poker player. I actually play for a while but since 2 weeks I decided to really study poker. I was out of money and found some Freerolls over the internet. BINGO, my chance to practice and don't loose any money.

    I Strongly suggest every new player to register in PokerStars school of poker, and start playing their OpenSchool freerolls. That gave me real good insights about outs and odds, some strategy to play SnGs, and some tickets to higher freerolls.

    OK, 2 weeks studying and training.

    Loosing one after the other, and considering the hands where I lost all my chips. A Mix of Bad beats with lack of patience to study the player and the hand situation, BANG, there goes NKGB13 out of another freeroll.

    Yesterday, I decided to really play poker, like a champ. Got an strategy and stick to it (sorry for the bad English by the way). Studied EVERY single hand, gone wild sometimes, but knowing my risks.

    2 Freerolls, 2 ITMs.

    1 Turbo - I tried to play like PS 2cents Hyper Turbo, thinking all the time "They will Pay", so, no marginal hands, no lower pairs, Monster hands with basically all in or 4 - 5 bbs raises depending on position. That went reaaaly well. I finished this tournament in 64 out of 7000. Small prize but the joy of getting into ITM.

    The other one was a regular tournament. Little different strategy, allowing myself to see the flop with group 3 hands, (QJo, AJ, KJ, KQ etc..). Betting hard when I decided to go on a hand, putting my opponents into pressure of seeing a flop with an A, 7 for example. That strategy really works for regular games. I avoided all the time to play off position. I needed that advantage all the times. A good tip for these kind of tournaments, DON'T BE AFRAID TO FOLD WITH A QQ OR KK OR A GOOD DRAW.. Your opponent can have equal chances of having the draw or the hand made already, for that, study odds and outs and make a good choice. I even folded with AA when a straight was a possibility for my opponent (Some will say I did wrong, some will agree with me, but that was my strategy and I stick to it until the end). I controlled myself to stay with an average stack, gone all in just to call other all ins with a monster hand. Got to the final table with a stack a bit below of the average. Then I controlled myself, being the 2nd lower stack I got to my Turbo tournaments strategy, all in with Monster hand.

    Again, got to 7th position out of 40 players.

    End of history. 55 cents more rich (that's 550% higher than I had before) and proud of getting there. Now I'll practice even more and adapt my strategy to get into final tables with a good stack. Let's see!

    And what about you. Tell your success history. I've read a few before getting my own and that helped a lot..

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    Congratulations NKGB you are off to a great start! good luck building your roll. Good luck!
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