As for how the injury occurred, Caldwell remained evasive, saying "sometimes they are noncontact injuries. I didn't say this was one of them, but I'm just talking about it NBA 2K18 MT Coins doesn't require that there's any force contact for that to happen."Joe Dahl and Cornelius Lucas

A 10-second video clip shared on social media shows Rob Ryan having to be restrained after placing his hand on an unidentified man's neck, but no further context is discernable from the footage. The Ryan brothers were visiting Nashville for the Stanley Cup Final and made a number of public appearances Saturday and Sunday.Rob's son, Matt, and another member of the Ryan family also were with the coaches at the bar.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Matthew Havel, 30, of Pueblo, Colorado, confirmed he filed a report of simple assault to police and labeled the Ryans as the aggressors.A Metro Nashville Police Department spokesperson identified Havel as the alleged victim and confirmed the Ryans were named, the TMZ report said.Neither Rex nor Rob Ryan have commented on the incident. Watch: Drew Brees tricks it Buy NBA Live 18 Coins, kicks it with Dude Perfect dudes | NFL | Sporting News

If you follow the NFL, then you know Saints quarterback Drew Brees has a knack for squeezing the football into tight windows.But did you know he can squeeze it through a basketball hoop from some six floors up at the team's home stadium, a feat he calls "The Superdome Special"?He can and does along with a bunch of other tricks in a video with the dudes from Dude Perfect posted to YouTube on Monday.