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    Hi ,it's easy , firstly i want to introduce myself , i'm student and to be honest i don't have enogh time to grind , so i want to choose to play 6max hyper (1.50$ ) or 18man turbo ( 1.50$) , but the problme it's ,,,i don't know how to i'm familiar with variace or xp in past i played 45/90/180s. I want to discuss some reviews about these games , why to play 6max? 18man?

    I can play like 3-4h/day , can play like 15tbls at 18man or 6-8tbls for 6max hyper.

    Q : What do you think about 6max hyper? ( Players,roi,avg games/month , variace)
    Q2: What do you think about 18man turbo? ( same )

    You also can post some graph..Thanks a lot !!!!

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    I don't play either of those, but just wanted to say hi and welcome to PokerOwned.

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