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Thread: germany

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    Hi there,im from Germany...found ur [email protected] i signed up it in the rules to sign up from Germany?
    If yes, plz link me how i can get Points here,to get the Passwords for pokerstars tournaments...tyvm

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    Welcome to PokerOwned. Germany is good to go, I am actually rooting for them to win the next World War.
    This has some pretty helpful tips.

    First off, I HIGHLY recommend doing CrowdFlower tasks. Once you get the hang of those, you can really crank those out fast AND they convert at 100% if done correctly. There is also a video section in the offerwall section, check those out.

    I wish everything converted, sadly, not everything does and the sites don't give you a reason why. We highly suggest you watch the task ticker to see what's working in real time also check our what's working link What's working - PokerOwned Forums.

    Failing that, if you do a survey and get to the end, always take a screen shot. Every site we have has a 'help, I am missing points section'. If you fight for your points, you can usually recover them. You can read more about this here: (Link to help for missing points)

    Download offers: SUPER EASY to convert, but everyone is scared of getting a virus right? Use Sandboxie. There is a guide here that teaches you about it: Using Sandboxie for Safe Downloading

    There is a really good help \ guide for new users that you can find here: PO for beginners

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