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    Mar 2013

    Won a ticket on Pokerstars for the weekly final

    Won a ticket for the weekly final with a Kepler's FL Razz Freeroll.
    It isnt the first but I think that it is a good performance.
    start with 2344 players and the best 64 got tickets.
    during time of the game is about 3 hours.

    I like Razz and Badugi

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    PokerOwned Master mathkid's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    hope u r outside of the usa cuz they will not let usa united states players play what soevcer

    suck cuz i want full tilt and poker sta4rts to let u s come3 baclk

    peace out

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    Mar 2013
    I'm not from the states. I'm from the Netherlands.
    so less problems with that.
    But to bad for the us players. it really sucks.
    Wish all good luck

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    Cool. Good job. Razz is a fun game. Some freerolls should be in razz.

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    Congrats to you. I also see this freeroll in pokerstars and maybe I want to join, but I don't know much yet about Razz and Badugi. I hope to try sometime later once I've learned it.

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    ok..u have the ticket, now win the MILLIONS!!!........

    In the beginning God said : "The four dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero", and at once there was light.

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    lol nice,but i got like 10 of those and maybe i play this week,i like the PLO and PLH this week

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    I have friends from Netherlands that play Poker, but I can't really see why you play these freerolls.
    It's boring and not profitable.
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    i like razz olso end 8 games end horse

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    @Problackbird it is maybe true that it isnt profitable but if i play the hubble freeroll it takes hours and hours.
    i won a 3 tickets for the weekly final a freeroll with 1000$
    with the razz it took me about 2 hours.
    I like to play it. it is different. and it brought me the opporunity to play yhe bigger freerolls on pokerstars.

    it is just for fun.

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