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    Tournament Play : Calling a shove ?

    Alright, Lets say we are somewhat deep in a MTT

    Blinds are 1000/2000 with 200 ante. I have a 35BB Stack

    I am BB. Player in the cutoff has 9 BB's left.

    Pre-Flop The table folds to him, he shoves. Theoretically, with 9bb's left on an open shove/fold chart is something like this 22+ Ax+ K3s+ K9o+ Q8s+ Q6s QTo+ J7s+ JTo T7s+ 97s+ 86s+ 76s 65s. Hence, pretty much the top 35% of opening hands

    Then, it folds to me. 7BB's to call.

    Now, that 35% ( theoretically ) is 100% of his range. so If I hold any of the top 17% starting hands ( 22+ A8s+ A5s-A4s ATo+ K9s+ KJo+ Q9s+ J9s+ T9s ), I should call right ???????

    Maths : I divide his range by 2(-1%) which ( I think ) makes me a 51% favorite of having the better starting hand ?

    or is 1% positive equity advantage not enough to justify the call ?
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    In spots like this you want to call with dominating hands. by dominating hands I mean hands like 77+, KT+, and A8 +

    I would cut out all of your Qx hands and below because we don't want to flip almost a third of our stack with non- dominating hands.

    When we CALL a shove in this spot we want to have then at least 60/40 dominated more than 70% of the time.

    When we lower our calling range to Qx's and such we are conceding to 40/60 and even 30/70 not in our favor.

    All in all, im not risking almost a third of my stack UNLESS i can most likely guarantee im DOMINATING the shover by at least 20%, i really don't even like the idea of 50/50 flips for almost 1/3 of my stack

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    Yeah poke is right, think that attitude is best thinking. It's a tough spot sometimes.

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    If I'm in this spot , my calling range will probably be A8s+, KJs+, any pair. Since there is no ICm adjustment. Just my 2 cents

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    It depends on how the player was playing, but if we don't know antthing about him I say that I would call with 66+, Ax, K6+,TQ+ and that's it. Remember that if there are 9 players we are putting 7bb into a pot of 19,9 bb so if we flip everytime we earn chips in the long run.

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    I think math is kinda not so important in this spot but, we're missing some crucial information.
    What tournament are you playing, what is the blinds structure, how many players is left in the tourney, how many players left untill bubble, what stats do you have on a shoving player, what hand do you have?
    All in all unless, you have a premium hand I wouldn't play with 3rd of my stack just to bust out a short player unless I have more then a decent chance to win. (I would also call with hands like 88+, ATo+, but not without stats on the shoving player)
    In MTT's I think survival is the most important, you wanna play really tight untill you get to late phase of a tourney.
    But then again, that just my opinion.

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    you cant call with 95 but any ax its good most off the times j10s kx s .....find on internet renge for caling hands

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    IMO it really depends on the player that's shoving. If he's tight, I wouldn't call with anything less than 10-10+, AQs+ or AKo. If he's on the loose side, add high broadway cards, A-10o +, A9s+ and any pair higher than 7. But it isn't at all a mandatory call. With 35 BB you can still find plenty of opportunities to steal and plenty of hands to see a flop with and actually play poker.

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    You could also consider the pot odds your getting. If you call your risking 16000 to win 22600 assuming 8 players.
    Also consider that villain is not likely to have AA, KK playing like that. You need 41% equity to justify calling but really, Id need more than that myself, unless I was short stacked.

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