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    Thumbs down Super Turbo a.k.a " money sucking machine "

    I just wanted to make a quick thread to warn any of the other carbon poker players here that playing the massive super turbos is a crapshoot. IT IS A SKILLESS DONK FILLED FISH FEST. 3 MINUTE BLIND INCREASE, WHAT A JOKE.

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    Yes, but you start with 1500 chips, if it is the same STT I am thinking of? Just be patient and let those donks crap themselves out, and play primium hands, you will most likely be called with worse. Yes they will sometimes hit and knock you out, but I think in the long run you should come out ahead.

    I personally do not like super turbos, and never touched them on stars with the 300-500 starting chips.
    But have played a few on Carbon.

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    whats not to understand... "super-turbo" no kidding they are all in fests, thats why i dont play em, except for the 11 cent ones shorthanded on carbon... just to fck around

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    Donk fests for sure, and that is why they can be profitable. You have to find the right ones with reasonable rake, which I have not yet at Carbon, but some of those 300 chip super turbos were beatable at Full Tilt.

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    Superturbos are so fast that luck is more important then skill. Waiting for premium cards is a recipe to get short stack, time is not on your side.

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    For sure luck is most important in these tourneys

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