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Thread: Premium Hands

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    Premium Hands

    How do yinz feel about getting alot of premium hands at the start of a tournament? Ive got mixed feelings about it. On one hand you get to build a lil bitof a stack to start off n have some some chips to play alil looser, which i stilldont, pretty much play my same game still. On the othe hand i think it minimizes ur chances of getting them later in th tourney when u could really use em to dbl up or start knockin others out when theyre short n trna dbl. Whatre u guys' n gals' thots?

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    I like to build early so I can kind of relax and let others take each other out. I don't like getting A-A first hand of a tourney though. It seems I am on the losing end more than the winning when I am dealt them first hand.

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    To me its all about who the poker site likes lol i see people time and time again win with the worst hole cards possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeSchmo View Post
    ...On the othe hand i think it minimizes ur chances of getting them later in th tourney when u could really use em ...
    Thats called a gambler's fallacy - (definition and example) ... lots of people make that mistake. Cards have no memory of past events.

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    I prefer to see good cards at the beginning of a tourney so i can build up my stack in case I run into a streak of bad cards. If I don't see cards early on then I'm just gonna get ante'd and blinded out earlier

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    i think a poker player that considers playing online is just a tool to play when thier is no game.Its a program and all the hands are already placed as in thier may be no possible way to win the tourney the randomness theycall it is the program projecting action capabilities of hands played wich is a flaw start playing 24 and the other end of the spector of playing hands
    u must flip is the flop high or low like in omaha when playing on a sitethat has a poor program like the one i play on. One cannot expect to be a better player so dont highten your skills adjust to the program

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    i almost like to sit out for the first 20 min to let the donks battle. get a lil baked and then start sharkin the fish

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    I prefer to see good cards no matter where I am in the tournament.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RcktWrangler View Post
    I prefer to see good cards no matter where I am in the tournament.
    umm this lol good cards are good cards however a good poker player doesnt need good hands to win a hand sure helps though
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    Premiums early are usually long term death! Not always though. If you can get some fish into a flop it occasionally can give that comfort that Drywallman is talking about!

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