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    PokerOwned Freeroll Tips

    Hello PO players,

    I've not played a whole lot of these, but from the amount I have played Im here to share my personal advice and approach to doing well in them.

    First its important to establish that generally in these games there is two kind of players....the awful donk players who are just in it to gamble to win. Or the legit trying players who spent time earning pts and doesn't want that time to be wasted.

    Once you figure out which is which you'll have an edge because you'll know what hands you can play vs which person. Now the 2nd thing I will say is keep it tight early in the game don't be limping a ton of hands or anything because the edge you'll have over the others are more in your post flop play because we will know their ranges if we put em into one of the two categories above. plus early on letting the crazys give u their chips for over betting or bluffing off their stack is ideal we don't need to build big pots because often times others build big pots with marginal hands we just want to make sure we have a hand with enough show down value to win these spots.

    Don't panic.....there is a ton of crazy ppl in the game so don't get upset if you lose half ur stack or become short stacked....odds are the bad players will give u their chips and such just stay focused on getting it in good.

    That is all lol not a huge secret for success but this offers some good advice goodluck

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    If i were u i would just sit back and play all your top pairs and low pairs and just see hoe it goes. Be patient and let the donks go 1st

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    yeah basically what this guy said, just sit back and wait for spots, dont get too aggro and you will be fine

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