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    playing cash at hero poker start with 80 cent

    ok i started with 80 cents go enough to go to 2cent 4 cent no limit. so here is my goal to play 5 dollar 10 dollar and all that off the 80 cents. so on a daily routine i will post what limit i play and bankroll that iam up too off that 80 cents. so i keep you members posted this is a merge site as well hero poker.

    as of 7:37 pm est time playing 2 cent 4cent with br at 2.48

    as of 8:04 and 65 hands play down to 1.83 take couple break ad restart after fireworks

    as of 11:12 starting back up 1.83
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    gl and hope you build a big one. Ive got a small roll going there off the PLO freerolls. Looks like they got some MTT for free and 33 cents to build it too.

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    GL to you, hope you will make it with your 80 cent

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    GL to you, hope you are doing well, keep us informed

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    keep up the good work my friend building the bankroll

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    Grind it out

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