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    Played Likve Poker last night. LASTED ONE HAND!

    I sold about $145 of my carbon the other day for some Real life cash lol, and decided last night to buy in to my local poker house cash game. I arrived and there were 7 players only playing, i recongnized everyone there from previous experiences. I arrived at midnight, 2 hours prior to closing, they tend play reallly really loose and its almost free chips.
    So i bought in for $70 the blinds are $1/$2:

    My first hand was dealt in UTG+1, the first person limps, I looked down on A(s) K(c), i open for $12 dollars, Next person folds, then the next calls, whcih causes two other people to call, and the initial limper to just call.
    5 players going to the flop

    K(d) 5(c) 4(d)

    BB checks and the UTG checks, i tank for a moment and bet $33 , first folds, second person goes ALL IN for $78 , the others fold, i look down at my AK and just smile, and say wow,,, first hand huh? With almost my whole stack in there anyways i call and he odesnt like to show his hand until its over.

    K(h) The guy is mumbling plz diamond.. plz diamond....


    He goes YES! i have a straight and a flush 7(d) 3(d)

    and bam it was over that quick. After Rake itts still a $170+ pot.
    I was sad that i lost the hand, but on the walk home i just thought to myself, what could i have doen but raise more preflop, and that is why i play poker, for people just like him that will put it all in on a flush draw and a gut shot straight draw. I got my money in good, and there is nothing else you can really do. Yes i wasnt HUGe favorite or anything but i still was ahead, prolly around 60% vs 40%

    Anyways TTYL

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    lol yea thats the only way to think about it otherwise its gonna eat u alive...frustrating as hell but what can u do...keep ur head up

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    That is sure is rough for a first hand but your thinking is right about getting it in good. A lot of people can't handle it.


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    i hope u cussed him out good

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    If you were heads up preflop with him it would of been 60/40, but after the flop it was actually a coin flip, so the preflop call by him was questionable, imo, once he was in with that flop, can't blame him for the play. Think you were still a very slight favorite, but not more than couple percent. I've noticed playing live you get a lot of callers with raises for some reason, maybe its the level i play at. I once raised aabout 6X bb (your raise i believe) preflop and got 5 callers, i had QQ. Flop comes up all rags, guy pushes and has something like 6 3 s, and hit 2 pair.

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    owwwww that s stinks, and first hand too, sorry BPM. i have only WATCHED live NL holdem cash table before , at my local casino, 1- 3 blinds i think. and it was even scaryy to watch, casue i wold see people take beats, lose 200 and then pull out more moeny rt a way too,,,i countt play at that table tho, hope u get it next time tho)

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    That's a tough beat. I would played it the same way.

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    Find lot of the same play at the 2/3 table at the casino. Have been very fortunate to have won hands like that. Normally like to allow myself more than a few hours to play to gage the table. Never bought in for anything less than the max even if I see the table average is less.

    Would been nice to pull that pot towards you. Hope it is better next time out for you.
    "When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience." anonymous quote

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    well that was a bummer eh? Better luck next time

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    IMO i NEVER play the first hand(death hand as i call it) unless its AA or KK so i could have easily folded AK there. With 3 d's out there on the flop i wouldnt have bet 33 and no u wasnt a 60 40(maybe the other way) on the flop u was actually behind the flush draw. A limp and a small flop bet would have got u the same info as u wasnt gonna make a draw fold there. If the IDIOT is gonna call 6xbb with 7 3 u aint EVER gonna make him fold. Tough break but u could have avoided the allin regardless of how many chips u already had in, which means nada. Cant get married to AK especially the first hand in..
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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