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    plac ein the money first in a tourney

    freeroll or money t my first goal is to make something. so when i get a certain amount of chips that will in sure me placing with some chips left i fold everthing except aces kings queens and big slick, unless im on the button and everyone else has folded ill play nay pair or 2 big cards. i will run the clock out every time and i dont care who gets mad , i turn off chat anyway. ive seen too many idiots shovin allin in ealy middle position with qs ks and blow it all and make nothing. my ratio of placing in the money is way ahead of normal odds. im here to make money thats it. iplace in 2 out 40 tourneys with an average field of 3000, have a good day

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    Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it !!!!! See you later alligator!!!

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    Thank you for posting this!! I really enjoyed it

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    yes u r right .... sooooo often so many donks ....trying thir luck and make all the time ALL IN ALL IN ///it;s reaaly stupid

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    I disagree with this stance, but it is your choice to do, obviously. To me, if I try to just "get in the money", I usually don't have a strong stack. But when I play to win flat out, the times that I do get to the money stage, I often have a very strong stack that can see me through. This strategy has helped me win 2 of the PO freerolls, and take 2nd in another

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