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    For the online poker conspiracy theorists

    I play World Tavern Poker - I'm in NC and it's the only legal option for poker (not saying I'm don't play home games now and then, but I'm not saying publicly that I do). Yesterday we had the regional championships. At my table, we saw pocket aces dealt twice in the first circuit (10 people at the table) and 8 times in three hours of play (total of about 150 hands dealt). In theory, AA should come up only once every 220 hands. Just pointing out that these streaks happen with live poker, not just in online poker.
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    I have actually seen that happen once when I used to play at FTP. It is a strange thing but I guess anything is possible.

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    ita litle difrend in online not sure but ho cares

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    you're right but no matter what you say people are always gonna have to have some reason to piss and moan and scream conspiracy when they lose. Funny how they win with suckouts just the same and seem to forget that part...

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    let me poingt out the chance of your live game being rigged is prolly better than online

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokerace420 View Post
    let me poingt out the chance of your live game being rigged is prolly better than online
    Yeah especially home games. You have to watch the dealers eyes. I have seen some that can stack a preflop or just deal it to two players to battle. But id say its not better then online, the chance that is.
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    Yeah, that is true. I love having pocket rockets, as long as I not lucked.

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    How many times did AA bust and if it did how many times on the river? That's what happens on Carbon all the time...

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    You never remember how you got the stack..........just how you lost it

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    If you read super system by the lengendary doyle brunson, he specifically writes that he believes in runs or hot streaks, when he wins a pot he is in the next hand no matter what. I have seen this too and agree with him. last night i folded 57 on the button to no raise. the flop came 557, and some had A5, would have made a lot on that hand. so i decided to go in on the next hand and see what happens. I had J8 and flopped top pair turned an 8 for 2 pair, and won a nice pot. Next hand i picked up KK, got allin before the flop against 99, won. next hand i had Q9 flopped a open ended straight draw, bet it was called, hit it on the turn, won a nice pot again. then things slowed down. the point being a wouldn't have played a lot of these hands but because i decided to, i had a nice streak and became the second chip leader. i later went on to win the tourney. Just thought i point that out. Its in super system, dolye brunson believes in streaks, and i do too. GL guys

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