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    omaha tournoment challange in poker stars

    i disided to challange myself to grind over 5k just playing omaha tournoments in poker stars.
    i am gonna play omaha new garentee tournoments on poker stars,what tournoments?
    these are the omaha tournoments that exists in poker stars client
    5fpp omaha tester
    5.5 5k garentee
    11 3k garentee
    22 10k garentee
    33 10k garentee
    55 saturday 20k garentee
    215 weekly 15k garentee
    530 monday 6max 40k garentee

    my starting bankroll for this challange is 100 dollar and 1000fpp
    i am gonna start playing 5.5 5k garentee and all of 5fpp games that exist in the day if i am awake
    when the bankroll goes to 250 dollar i am gonna play 11 games as well and when goes to 500 i am gonna play 22 and 33 as well
    and when i cash good enough to 1k i am gonna add 55 too and when i go upper that 3k i am gonna play all games

    i am gonna post the tournoment id and my place and detail abaout each game in this thread.
    starting today saturday march 30

    i would love to see any oponian and advice for my game
    and please do not spam this thread

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    omania 5.5 PLO 5k GTD
    starting time:10 am ET
    first prize:
    my place:600
    my cash:did not cashed
    time i played:1 hour

    tournoment id:707175126
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    Try to do a free quiz on intelipoker for free 3$ about omaha :P

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    im not very good in omaha i just suck but god luck to you

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    good luck hope you can win some off this tourney

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    I'm sorry I'm a US player can't play for real money at pokerstars

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