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    mrmeanycorner freeroll

    I qualified for this tournament and asked admin for list request. He called me a liar and a cheat and told me to piss off. So not recommended site. Can anyone help me get some proof that i actually cashed in his buy in tournament? I tried to go to tournament history but didn't get lucky they only show from feburary and i need january records!

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    i,m not sure kam,, but i used to know mr meany from the railbirds forum and he was a nice guy so surprised to hear that happened to ya,, GL with that and let us know how u make out,,,,if u played the buyins he should know for sure.

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    Yea seems like my name is not showing up for some reason. What i don't get is why this guy is so determined that im a liar. He called me name after name and I'll find my fucking proof just to show him what an ass he is I don't even want to play his stupid freeroll.

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    Sucks that the tournament is already today, because as far as I know, you can email FT for older tournament records. Doubt it happens in less than a day or two though.

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    this sucks man,i hope you get what you have deserved.

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