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    Looking for Stakes to any freezeout tournament!!

    Hey everyone decided to make this thread instead of asking certain people to stake me, as stated above I do well in freezeout deepstack and freezeout turbos on merge. I am not interested currently in rebuy/addon tournaments as I do not do as well in those. I also tend to do well in PLO games and Horse which I am also looking for stakes in.

    Just so you don't have to take my word for it a little back round info on me I started playing poker 3 years ago this is my first online poker account never played pre black Friday or pre a few months ago online for that matter. Here is a good site to look at my stats with

    I am looking to start at the 1.10 buy in freezeouts to prove myself to the stakers as for the splits I expect around 40-50% of the winnings for a non turbo and 35-45% for a turbo depending on several factors of the tournaments number of players etc. Thanks if anyone has any follow up questions let me know.

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    gl with this. hope you make yourself and someone else some money

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    gl dude in your staking..may the force be with you

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    Not interested, but I do wish you luck. I hope you are able to make other people some money.

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