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    Live poker advice

    I'm sure this thread has been asked to death but I'm looking for a little advice for a first time live player. I've been playing online for ages and have had a lot of success and have grown a lot, now that I"m about to turn 21 I'm thinking about playing some of the live casion games, probably start of at 1-2 and 2-4. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows about the Chicagoland live game scene I would appreciate that also.

    Oh and I have played live in Canada a year ago for spring break. Did pretty decent, doubled up at 1-2 in a couple hours before I left. So I've played a little bit but would like a couple of tips if anyone has any.


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    i think the differnece between onlin poker and live poker is best pointed out in the following quote from Poker articles: The differences between online and live poker.

    "Offline poker games are often turned into some kind of bingo-like game, when all you have to do, is see plenty of flops till something good hits you.

    Online poker won't grant you this luxury. Limp along in online poker and your bankroll will go down faster than a cast-iron bathtub with a 10 inch hole in it.

    What you need to do, is tighten up. Forget about seeing the flop on offsuit one-gappers, or even offsuit connectors. You need to whip your starting-hand selection into shape, and only move on pocket cards that show some true potential.

    In online poker you need to step up aggressively from the first moment. You need to show constant solid play from the blinds and attack as many blinds as possible. Blinds stealing becomes a lucrative business because it will give you a small edge over the opposition. In online poker, small edges will be worth to chase down. As a matter of fact, if you manage to turn enough such small edges to your favor, you'll be a winning player."

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