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    How Much Do YOU Love AK in NL Cash??

    Just curious what do you think of this hand against some 10NL BCP Donkeys? What would you do?

    Game started at: 2014/5/10 21:30:35
    Game ID: 280870868 0.05/0.10 Cazorlalite (PRR) (Hold'em)
    Seat 7 is the button
    Seat 1: Cantplay2day (4).
    Seat 2: WECpokerBCP (24.90).
    Seat 3: CoffeeTilt (9.89).
    Seat 4: Thomas Brady (15.92).
    Seat 5: serg247 (4.08).
    Seat 6: sneeze312 (4.27).
    Seat 7: TrixaNator (17.51).
    Seat 8: ugottatri (10.90).
    Seat 9: uSwEEt (20.75).
    Player ugottatri has small blind (0.05)
    Player uSwEEt has big blind (0.10)
    Player Cantplay2day wait BB

    Player WECpokerBCP received card: [Kd]
    Player WECpokerBCP received card: [As]

    Player WECpokerBCP raises (0.30)
    Player CoffeeTilt folds
    Player Thomas Brady folds
    Player serg247 folds
    Player sneeze312 allin (4.27)
    Player TrixaNator folds
    Player ugottatri calls (4.22)
    Player uSwEEt folds

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    I hate AK, I really do. I had an AKs on last table of a MTT, and got 4 betted pre flop so I went all in... The dude turns over an 87o, and busts out my AKs.

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    I've definitely won more with it than I have lost. It has gotten me in trouble a time or two though. Usually when I hit top pair and someone else hits a set or two pair. Still you can't get mad at ak when a donkey gets lucky. Just last night I had someone five bet me all in preflop when I was holding aces. He spiked a set of 3's on the flop and took me for 40 bucks at a 10c/25c table. .....shit happens.

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    yea Ace King can be a bitch!! Its only good if u hit flop!!

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    At micro stakes I find it harder to protect AK or any hand for that matter.

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    It all depends what happens on the flop and the tightness of your opponent

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    I only get the hand when someone else has AA, playing live I love the hand.

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    AK is starting to feel like JJ to me...
    I poker face off and now she faceless.
    I poker so much I deserve a bracelet!

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    All you're gonna do with AK in cash game is run it into AA or KK.

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    ill go allin pre with AK suited 100bb's

    no prob bob
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