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    Cool got shares of bigbtc 40k gtd for sale

    ok they are 25 chipsa piece 1k in total for buyin 1k swc chips around 90 bucks willing to take points/poker cash/swc chips as part of share if u send anything but swc chips ide give u chips then u buy that amount of shares in swc lobby pm/bottom chat me if interested atm 25 chips is = too 2.43 usd so LEGO and trying to make a run in this thing been tearing up mtts there for the last few weeks so trying to put my hard work to use been grinding my ass off time to show hard work and effort pays off here is the code if u buying with swc chips and u buy shares buy typing #buy then number os shares then code umad example would be like this if u wanted 1 share type #buy 1 umad in swc chat then send amount of chips to bet like 1 share would be 25 chips mtt is at 5pm tom im pretty sure
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    your sig says "go hard of go home" gotta fix that chit

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    Sounds interesting, i might have to give some thought to this and possibly would be interested, lets see how many other people here are willing to buy shares and if there is enough interest shown then i quite possibly might be interested as well.

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