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Thread: double ups

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    double ups

    I really dont think don's are hard.. Got into a bit of discussion with Pray4Spades but I really dont think they are tough. Hit a nut hand and sit back... blinds go up and you can watch battles.. I will say I prefer 10 seat but 6 is not exactly bad. Comments?

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    Jan 2014
    Yeah i totaly agree with you double it then take it easy and watch them go at it

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    Dec 2013
    Used to play dbl ups. It's hard to make much money with the rake though. Good low variance practice to improve you skills.

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    DON's are good to build your BR up slowly but i get bored with em fast
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    I've had success with that strategy and with the early double up and bully the table strategy. I guess if someone else beats you to the punch, then sitting on your stack is quite effective.

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    great lil bankroll builderz for not risking alot
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    i dont play much on bcp but i was looking into maybe building it in double ups
    because i sell it anyway is the cheapest double up 3 bucks

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    haven't played double ups. Figure they are a waste of time. I would prefer to make more for winning the tourney than just doubling up. The more I think about it though it is kind of smart to build a bankroll slowly tho. hmmmmm. may have to give it a shot.

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    Don's are the shit. I just don't have any more money to play them Stupid Casino...

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    DON's can be a day crasher if you draw a few tables of nitty DON fold u way to a win players..can take longer to get down to 5 players at a DON than a normal(3 places paid)sit n go.

    if you aint multi tabling like crazy then you just spinng your wheels...may as well be playing piagow poker table instead...

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