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    Do you play to bust others or to cash?

    The title was kinda misleading towards my opinion obv, but as a serious question, your decision to call all ins, how much of it just because you would like to bust the opponent (therefore widening your range of hands), and how much of it is because its a +ev move to make based on read and confident your hand is the better one preflop? I see a lot more donkish kind of moves people will make for competitive reason rather then profit, so whats your opinion?
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    Interesting one! My opinion is that I would like to move all-in when I have much more bigger chance to win like my opponent ... and doing so preflop is a huge advantage to got overpair pocket against some smaller ... so it is like 80:20, I won't do this for flipping like 22 into XY (X, Y > 2) or so. Hopefully everyone understand this post

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    Im only calling a allin if im very confident i have best hand going in and not just a coin flip
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    depends, if im short stacked, im playing to cash.

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    Cashing is what it's about. Sometimes trying to bust out someone can backfire and after a while they can bust you.

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    calling someone to bust them out is a tilt move and ergo is BAD!

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    depends solely on the situation. for the most part, no - and I don't hold grudges. If someone sucks out on you, your goal should not become to get your chips back from that player - it should be to win the tourney. I'll call to bust someone if I have some kinda coordinated hand - Flyswatting, which to me means I have 10x the stack whose all-in I'm calling or pushing

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    There are a lot of factors to calling all in just to bust someone out. I look at my position and how much I have. I also look at how the person has been playing. I don't want to make a wrong call and end up loosing my chips to a donk.

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    Like others have said, a lot of the decision to call an all-in with any given hand depends on the relative chip stacks. But if you are asking whether we will try to bust someone out because they "deserve it" - no, generally I will work very hard not to let emotion cloud my play, although I might talk smack to put them on edge. It is somewhat gratifying to see the true donk get his come-uppance, but I won't risk chips to do it if I don't have the cards.
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    I am going ftw all day..and if I bust a few that I don't like in the process that's even better....but if some one is just aiming to bust a certain someone and will do what ever to accomplise that is a dummy lol just my opinion

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