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Thread: cash games

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    Mar 2013

    cash games

    cash games are for the patient and the rich and im neither of those so im definately done with that sht. Back to back tournaments is where the real money is at. Just hope i have time to work and play tournaments..

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    Tournaments can definitely be a good money maker if you're constantly in the top 3, but if not, sometimes you make a bit more money at the cash games.

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    i dont play cash games but people ho making money play more cash den mmt

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    Just this morning..I sat with 1.20 at a .02/.04 NL hold em game. Walked away with over 10 bucks in about half hour.
    I can be patient but i aint rich. The cards were just hitting. Hit three sets, Aces with quen kick and a full house or two..

    Although this is nice, imagine how I would be doing at a decent paying MTT with those sitting pretty!

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    I like playing cash games. My problem is I don't know when to get up so I end up losing it back. Then I go back to the tourneys.

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    I also have this problem never know when to leave the table! if I lost back in order to recover the lost

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